Roller Racing and Goldsprints is about videos, stories, images and history of roller-racing and goldsprints.

Goldsprints and / or “roller-racing” are social, usually indoor, static cycling events. Equipment varies but is based on genuine track bikes on rollers, with riders going head to head over a set distance.


Records tumble in London

on Guy Martin’s “Speed” Rourke bike!!!


Rollapaluza Records Night on Guy Martin’s “SPEED” bike from rollapaluza on Vimeo.

Roller Racing Art

This from Adams Carvalho:


Rollapaluza National Series 2013 Launched

Rollapaluza hit the road for their UK tour for the fourth year in row.

Full Details om their site here. Or follow updates on facebook.

Rollapaluza National Series 2013


Roller Racing and Goldsprints